Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag or BoB is a great way to be prepared for disaster. There are a few things to consider when preparing a bug out bag: what kind of bag to get, the duration your BoB will need to be able to sustain you, and what to pack.

There are many bug out bags on the market. Among the more popular bug out bags are Molle and Alice packs. These military style packs are great and come in many different sizes with many attachments. Mountaineering packs, like Alps produce, are also great for bugging out. Whatever type of bag you get make sure that it fits your personal needs.

When picking out a bug out bag, you will have to have an idea of how long you would like your bag to be able to sustain you. The longer you need sustainment, the larger your pack will have to be. Some bug out bags are meant to sustain you for one day, other bags for 72 hours or more. Packs start around 2700 cubic inches and go all the way up to 6200 cubic inches.

After you have a Bug out Bag, you will need to decide on what to pack. Water and food should be high on your list of priorities. Any medication you are taking should also be included in your BoB pack. A medical kit and way to make fire is also a good idea. I also recommend a sleep system and some cook wear.

Now that you know a little about bug out bags, get moving and start you own. A bug out bag can greatly improve your chances of surviving in an emergency situation. Below is a video of my bug out bag for your enjoyment.

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