Saturday, October 29, 2011

Every Day Carry (EDC) (SHTF Survivalist)

Every day carry items are things you carry with you every day. From a survival stand point there are a few things to keep with you at all times. There are three items no one should leave home without.

A good pocket knife should be part of your EDC. There are many uses for a good pocket knife. Pocket knives can be used to cut rope, build shelter, skin animals, and personal defense just to name a few. I recommend never leaving home without a good pocket knife.

A fire steel or lighter should also be part of your EDC. Being able to start a fire on demand is something no one should be without. A Fire can be used to boil water for safe drinking. A fire can also be used to keep warm or ward off dangerous predators. Having a way to make a fire can mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

The last item no one should leave home without is a multi-tool. Multi-tools can be used to cut, bend, and pry things. Multi tools can also be used to put together or take apart mechanical things with screws and bolts. Multi-tools can be used in unconventional ways too. With so many uses a multi-tool is something everyone should carry every day.

A pocket knife, way to start fire, and multi-tool should be part of your EDC. These three items are the best tools you can keep on your person. Having these three items will greatly increase your chance of survival should a survival situation occur. Don’t forget to check your pockets next time you leave your home.


  1. Nice setup I carry just about the same thing.