Friday, October 14, 2011

Ozark Trail Hobo Tool

I would like to start off by saying that I am not paid nor am I affiliated with Ozark Trail in any manner. That being said I would like to give you my honest review of the Ozark Trail Hobo Tool. The Ozark Trail Hobo Tool is a neat little multi tool for eating. In this blog I will go over the positives and negatives pertaining to the Hobo Tool.

Among the positives is affordability. Priced at three dollars U.S. currency the Ozark Trail Hobo Tool is priced to sell. The Ozark Trail Hobo Tool is constructed well and feels durable. Seven in one tool makes the Ozark Trail Hobo Tool a versatile tool. The seven tools are as follows: can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, awl, knife, spoon, and a fork.

The negatives are as follows. The can opener is not engineered very well making it a time consuming process just to open a can. There is no locking mechanism for the knife, fork, or spoon making the Ozark Trail Hobo Tool dysfunctional for a left hander person to use. I find the awl to be a waste of a tool. I would of much rather have a tooth pick.

In all I give the Ozark Trail Hobo Tool 5 out of 7 stars since five out of the seven tools are useful. As long as you are not a left hander the Ozark Trail Hobo Tool is an affordable and compact way to take care of your utensil needs.


  1. Man, I couldn't agree more. These things are great but. . . .that can opener? WTF? Fortunately it has little lanyard ring so a person can put a P-38/"John Wayne" on there if you really want a can opener that's worth a crap.

  2. lol i like mine im left handed but i have to shovel forward instead od side scooping lol can opener works for me but i do better using my key ring can opener but it gets job done mine was 3 dollars at walmart on sale