Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Make your own bullion

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for what you do with this information. This information is strictly educational. Use extreme caution when dealing with molten metal.

Have you ever thought about investing in gold or silver just in case of economic collapse? Well you are not alone; many people are doing just that. You might be thinking there is no way that you can afford to invest in gold or silver bars or any other metal for that matter. Well that's fine, because you can make your own.

Everyday materials contain a wealth of metals that can be melted down and formed. Collecting old soda pop cans is a great way to stock up on aluminum. Copper is used in many electrical devices, especially the power cords, making it easy to come by. Once you acquire the scraps, the next step is to melt the metals down.

You will need to make a furnace. You will also need a crucible to hold the molten metal and tongs to pick up the crucible. Once the metal is molten you will need a mold to cast your ingots.

When making a furnace you will have to decide what kind of fuel source you will be using. There are three common types of fuels used in backyard casting. The three fuels are charcoal, propane, and waste oil. Using charcoal is by far the simplest and cheapest way to go. Although in my opinion the simplest and cheapest way is not always the most efficient. A propane furnace is very efficient but propane can get expensive. A propane furnace design is also a little more complex compared to a simple charcoal furnace. A waste oil furnace is by far the most complicated furnace to build. This type of furnace is great for someone that has a lot of ingenuity. There are not many plans on the internet for this type of furnace so expect to have to do a lot of experimentation. The plus side to a waste oil furnace is that the fuel is free. You will find that friends, neighbors, and restaurants will be more than happy to get rid of their old oil. The efficiency of a waste oil furnace will depend upon your design. I do not recommend a waste oil furnace for the beginner.

Crucibles are used to hold the molten metal inside of the furnace. Crucibles come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your application. Commonly backyard metal casters will use a crucible made out of iron. More expensive crucibles made of graphite or silicon carbide can be purchased through a foundry supply store. You can even make your own ceramic crucibles.

Molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find molds made out of graphite and iron on ebay. You can also make your own. Another way to make a mold is by using casting sand. There is a variety of casting sand available. Green sand is common sand used in sand molded casting.  Green sand is a mixture of silica sand, bentonite clay, and water. The great thing about sand casting is not only can you make ingots but you can cast just about anything you like.

Well I hope this information sets you on your way to making your very own bullion. Remember always wear proper safety gear when working with molten metal.

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