Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Make Smoke Bombs

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for what you do with this information. This information is strictly educational.

There may come a time in an emergency situation that you have to make a daring escape. The use of a smoke screen can greatly increase your chance of escape. There are four main ingredients you will need to make a smoke bomb. You will need potassium nitrate, natural cane sugar, dark corn syrup, and water. You will also need a scale capable of measuring in grams and a plastic cup. A fuse and cardboard tube will make a more professional product but is not necessary. You will need a sauce pan that you don’t mind ruining and a wooden spoon.

Hi- yield stump remover contains 99% potassium nitrate. Just make sure you don’t get the liquid stump remover. You want the round pellets. You can also purchase potassium nitrate online.

Natural cane sugar can be found in any grocery store. For any reason that you cannot find natural cane sugar you can substitute it for regular sugar.

Dark corn syrup can be found at the grocery store. If you cannot find dark corn syrup you can substitute it for light corn syrup.

1. Measure your plastic cup.

2. Measure 30 grams of potassium nitrate. Make sure you take into account the weight of your cup.

3. Pour the 30 grams of potassium nitrate into the sauce pan.

4. Measure 25 grams of natural cane sugar. Make sure you take into account the weight of your cup.

5. Pour the 25 grams of natural cane sugar into the sauce pan.

6. Add two drops of the dark corn syrup into the sauce pan.

7. Pour one cup of hot water into the sauce pan. The amount of water does not have to be precise. The water is only to dissolve the potassium nitrate and sugar and will be cooked out of the mixture.

8. Heat the mixture just under a boil. You might have to gently stir the mixture to get the potassium nitrate to dissolve. It will take about 30 to 60 minutes to cook the water off. Eventually the mixture will change into a paste. Once it starts to turn into a paste you will want to turn the temperature down to about 250 degrees. Continue to cook it until all the water is out of the paste. Consolidate the mixture into the center of the pan. At this point take the mixture off of the heat. Give it a few minutes to cool it will be extremely hot. If you are using a cardboard tube you will want to put the paste into it at this point. Pack the mixture down with the back of your spoon. Insert your fuse about half an inch into the mixture. If you are not using a tube, form the paste into a cylinder shape. The paste will start to harden once it cools.

Your smoke bomb is now finished. This smoke bomb will put out a think dark cloud of smoke. If you are lighting the mixture without a fuse it will take about 30 seconds to catch on fire. Once it catches on fire it will burn violently. Make sure it is in a safe location that will not start a fire. For a white smoke substitute the natural cane sugar with white table sugar and substitute the dark corn syrup with clear light corn syrup. This mixture is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs water. Make sure you store it in a dry location or it will not function properly.

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